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For the People with BB Rasik Anand is a spiritual podcast and livestreaming broadcast airing weekdays, managed by students of the Swami. BB Rasik Anand is a guide, mystic, and servant leader in the BB Serve Love spiritual family and people first mission. He speaks in a dynamic, inclusive, and engaging manner as a passionate advocate for the people, serving them in their spiritual journey, and inspiring them to take action to realize their goals. With warmth, realism, and enthusiasm, he focuses on building a spiritual society for the people, where the peoples’ needs are truly served first and foremost.

He addresses a diverse range of topics in series such as: Stories for Seekers—spiritual narrative and discourses; Transcending the Trend—social commentary and discussions from a spiritualist perspective; and Path of Attraction—community talks with Q&A. He shares the message of great world teachers and their wisdom for the people, with an emphasis on Sanatana Dharma, spirituality and philosophy, and their conjunction with modern life.

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A lifelong monk and swami in the world’s ancient disciplic lineage, the Brahma Madhva Gaudiya line, he received initiation at nine into the practice of bhakti-yoga. He annually travelled on pilgrimage to Vrindavan, India, to learn from his Guru, Swami BV Narayana – Bhakta Bandhav Srila Gurudeva, who would often ask him to become a monk and serve his mission. After graduation, he moved to the monastery in India, where he served and studied for 16 years.

In the spring of 2020, his siksa-guru (instructing spiritual master) requested him to travel, teach, and start centers for the practice of spiritual life. He travelled to NY that summer, and in the autumn, inaugurated the 60 acre Serve Love Ashram in the lower Hudson valley, NY, and began outreach in NYC. For two years he developed the NY Ashram with his team of students and spiritual family, building a temple, establishing daily worship of Sri Radha-Krsna, hosting retreats, ecstatic kirtan festivals, and bhakti immersions, while continuing publishing books, teaching, and participating in interfaith dialogue.

In 2022, he received the order of sannyasa, along with nine of his godbrothers in Vrindavan, and was requested to expand his travelling and teaching in the service of his Gurudeva’s Bhakta Bandhav spiritual society. He now teaches in NYC, hosts retreats in the NY Ashram, where he is developing a spiritual university with his team, and travels around the world serving and developing spiritual communities.

Upon the earnest, continual requests of his instructing spiritual master, with the blessings and desire of Vaishnava seniors and swamis in our spiritual society, and after profound realization and confirmation from his beloved Bhakta Bandhav Srila Gurudeva and Guru-varga, he now offers mantra initiation into the process of realizing one’s relationship with the Divine Couple, Sri Radha-Krishna.

The source of inspiration for this podcast is a description of the nature of pure love spoken by Sri Radha in the sacred book ‘The Treasure of Love – Prema-samputa’. Sri Krishna disguises Himself and questions Her in deep pain, asking why She so deeply loves Krishna and does not forsake Him, who He criticizes at length for His willful ways. The essence of Her reply, in the heart of the sacred text, follows:

“When the heart is filled with love, there is no desire other than to give happiness to one’s beloved. Just as a lion defeats elephants and nourishes itself by eating them, similarly this extremely powerful love nourishes itself by conquering the unlimited and difficult miseries caused by conditions in this world, by other planets, by family members, by enemies, by one’s own body, and even by troubles caused by one’s beloved that are as insurmountable as the highest mountain.

“The proud, confident and graceful lion sleeps fearlessly without disturbance. That lionlike love completely disregards dog-like obstacles. Just as a lamp’s glow becomes brighter in the darkness, so the glory of love becomes more lustrous in the face of obstacles. With those obstacles conquered, love becomes more radiant than before. Pure love can never be destroyed; in that love, the pride of possessiveness, ‘He is mine’ is firmly situated within the heart of the lover. This love cools with the nectar of the moon and burns with the power of the sun. In the entire universe, only Sri Krishna is worthy of receiving this highest expression of divine love.”

Coming in the line of his lionlike gurus, empowered servitors of Sri Radha, the Supreme Goddess, Swami BB Rasik Anand takes on the elephantine problems we face in the path to Divine Love. He speaks as a form of prayer to please his beloved masters and serve his spiritual family, aspiring to eternally remain in the service of Sri Radha, and Her Love, Sri Krsna, our All-Attractive Source.

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